Seth Mohan


Seth is a multi-talented, multi-faceted person, and is constantly improving and learning new skills. He began his creative journey in radio in 2007; producing and co-hosting the morning talk show on AM 530 in Toronto. 

To improve his communication skills, Seth joined Toastmasters and began taking improv classes at Second City.

In 2011, he had the opportunity of spending forty-five days in the pristine islands of Philippines, competing for the top spot on Survivor India. 

Following his time on Survivor, he moved to Mumbai in 2012 to pursue his dream of acting. He has worked alongside Bollywood icons such as Deepika Padukone, Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan in numerous films and commercials. 

While living in Mumbai he teamed up with local talent and co-founded BottomsUp Productions, a new-media production company. 

He moved back to Toronto in 2014, where he has continued to act in North American Film/TV shows such as Hudson & Rex, Coroner, Christmas Chronicles, Designated Survivor, The Expanse, and Schitt’s Creek. 

Also in 2014, he completed his 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training after several years of practicing, and has been guiding yoga and meditation classes ever since. He has been a brand ambassador for Lululemon & B-Yoga. 

In 2016, Seth launched his Youtube channel in an effort to learn how to film and edit content, under the adopted moniker 'The Kaizen Man’. Seth's quest for 'Kaizen', which means continual and incremental improvement in Japanese, has attracted a global audience. 

Seth has continued to collaborate with his creative partner; under their banner Sweat Lodge Productions with several short films, and a workplace comedy series 'Namaste', which is currently in development. He also has a romantic feature film script that's ready for production. 

Seth has been featured as a yoga and mindfulness expert on CBC, and is a regular guest on the popular morning show 'Cityline' with Tracy Moore.

In 2023, he founded Luxury Holistic Retreats, which is an elevated wellness experience for those looking to reset and rejuvenate. He hosted the first retreat in the fall of 2023 in the beautiful Muskoka County, with more to come in 2024. 

Director Reel

Heatwave (Short Film)

Luxury Holistic Retreats

Namaste (Series Teaser)

Cityline - Yoga & Mindfulness Expert

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Survivor Finalist